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Top Facts To Help You Celebrate World Emoji Day

world emoji day facts

Emoji changed digital communication, it not only replaced text but now became the main feature of the iOS keyboard. It is now widely used or adopted by other platforms one after the other.

People around the world are now familiar with the pictographic language, famous as emoji. Some example of emojis are as follow

  • Starstruck emoji 🤩
  • Kissing face emoji😗 
  • Smiling face emoji😀
  • Grinning face smiling eye emoji 😄

and many more. 

World Emoji Day

July 17, is the date when people around the world of different castes and creeds celebrate the day of this photographic language, World Emoji Day. This day is celebrated all over the world just as a reminder of how emojis are important and how it’s the most important for today’s age.

Emoji was officially used in 2011 and till now is the most used photographic language among Android users as well as Apple users.


Let’s discuss some Facts about emojis on their special day

Fact about emoji campuses among people equally because it is popularly used in daily life. There is not a single user who hasn’t used emojis during chat or messages.

1. First, every celebration: 

The first-ever celebration of emoji day happens in 2014. Jeremy Burge introduced this day after realizing its popularity in the era of digital communication.

2. First Emoji:

A set of 90 emojis called skyWalker DP-211 SW, was launched by J-phone. It was the first set of emojis that launched officially. It was 12-by-12 pixel by measurement. 😃 was the most famous or particularly emoji of this set.

3. The concept of emoji was generated in 1999:

Shigetaka Kurita is the one who formulated this photographic language with a 12-pixel-by-12 memento.

4. Billions of emojis are sent daily:

Twitter has a wide range of users that are obsessed with emoji usage during chatting, even they can add emojis to their hashtags and events. Twitter makes custom emojis for its users. Almost 5 billion emojis are sent daily from platforms like Facebook and messenger.

Likewise, the face with joy emoji 😂 some other most popularly used emojis are red heart  ❤️ and kissing face smiley 😘

5. Most requested emoji:

According to a survey of 2017, takeaway coffee, kissing face, and being a bad person seem to be the most wanted additions this year.

6. Supreme Emoji on Social Media:

“Face with a tear of joy”😂 is the imperial or supreme emoji on different platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. But research shows that a Face with a tear of joy 😂 emoji leads on Facebook and Twitter.

7. Have vast color support:

Emojis come in different colors. Emoji font varies greatly according to the operating system or device. Costumes, color font, and skin tone all vary greatly. Skin tones have different tones from lighter to darker shades. This shade resembles the people of different regions of the area that are addicted to the use of emojis during chatting.

8. A vast range of emojis:

It’s a fun fact for you that all around the world there are 2,666 official emojis now while there are only 722 emojis in 2015. Unicode Consortium officially manages emoji keyboards and enhances features such as gender selection options, skin tone e.t.c day by day. This difference is due to its increasing devouring of chatting or digital communication.

9. Emoji face costumes:

In advance of emoji day, people from different states set a Guinness record for wearing emoji face costumes. The majority of people belong to Dubai and Moscow.

10. Emoji-based movie:

People of different states celebrate advanced emoji day by releasing a movie on the 28th of  July. The Emoji Movie is a famous emojis-based movie.

Reason for celebrating emoji day on 17 July

There is a logic behind this question ” why is world emoji day celebrated on 17 July?”

The “calendar” emoji shows the default date as July 17. This was confirmed in 2010 by Unicode. Calendar emoji is used basically for both desktop and mobile app versions of minimized apple’s iCal icon.

Why did Japan craft emojis?

Japanese culture is full of examples of people who are addicted to using images during messages or chats. They use different dots, images, commas, and dashes in their texts.

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