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Welcome to the world of Emojis!

You have probably landed on this website trying to find out a quick way to add different emojis to your text messages, birthday wishes, greeting cards, and social media platforms. If you are searching for a way to satisfy all your irresistible cravings for cute emojis, then hereโ€™s a quick solution for you:

We have designed this super convenient and fast โ€œEmoji search engineโ€ for our users. It is by far the easiest way to select and add your favorite emojis to your text at once. Be it smiley emojis, heart emojis, nature emojis, seasons emojis, food, and drink emojis, we have got it all on this one platform.

What is Emoji Copy Paste?

Emoji Copy Paste is an online emoji finder tool with extensive and wide search functionality. This tool will help users get all of their favorite emojis in one place. Using this tool, you can easily find any emoji that you want and copy it to your deviceโ€™s clipboard. The emojis here are categorically organized and can be searched by entering their keyword in the toolโ€™s input textbox. You can then paste the copied emojis anywhere you want in just one click.

The best thing about this impressive emoji finder tool is that you can easily access and copy two or more two emojis at once! Your recent emojis will also be remembered by this tool. This helps in faster access in your next visits to Emoji Copy Paste.

Features of Emoji Copy Paste:

Following are some of the best features of the Emoji Copy Paste website:

  • All emojis are available:

    One of the best parts about Emoji Copy Paste is that you can get access to all categories of emojis on one website. They are all categorically organized, making it convenient for us to browse through.

  • Emoji Search Bar:

    Users can search their favorite emojis by using the โ€œEmoji Search barโ€ given on the toolโ€™s website. The emojis are beautifully divided into 8 categories. You can search for the ones you want by entering their name or keyword in the toolโ€™s input box. Then, a list of emojis related to that keyword will be displayed in the bottom bar where you can copy them from later.

  • Select the Emoji Size or Emoji Type:

    This website is not only great for copying different emojis to your clipboard, but it is also equipped with tons of the latest settings. After choosing your desired emojis, you can edit their Emoji Type (Native Emoji, Joy Pixels, Web font, etc.) or Emoji Size (Small, Medium, Large).

  • No registration required:

    Before accessing this incredible Emoji Copy Paste tool, you donโ€™t have to worry about any registration. You donโ€™t even have to log in or sign up for an account. Our website is 100% free for every user across the world. Just open it on your deviceโ€™s web browser and get started!

  • User-friendly interface:

    This website was created while keeping in mind the comfort of its audience. Our web developers have designed this tool with the most user-friendly interface. It is one of the simplest emoji copy paste tools on the web. You can get all your favorite emojis with just a couple of clicks. This tool is ideal for even beginners.

  • Use on different social media platforms:

    Emoji Copy Paste is the best way to add a variety of emojis to your social media accounts. This tool was particularly created to quickly add different emojis to all major social media platforms, including Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and many more.

How to use Emoji Copy Paste?

Follow these easy steps to copy all your favorite emojis at once:

Select your desired emoji/emojis

Click the copy button

Paste your emojis

SEE how simple it was! Now you can copy paste all your favorite emojis at once!

The Benefits of Using Emoji Copy Paste:

With more than 3000 emojis available to use in the world right now, Emojis are becoming the fastest-growing languages nowadays.

Hence, there are many benefits of using Emoji Copy Paste and adding exciting emoticons to your text:

  1. It provides users a searchable way to conveniently copy and paste their desired emojis.
  2. On Mac OS, you will notice that the emoji panel closes after you chose just one emoji. If you use Emoji Copy Paste, then you can copy multiple emojis at once.
  3. On Chrome OS and Windows, you have to click way too many times to copy a single emoji. Whereas, this Emoji Copy Paste tool serves differently.
  4. If you use multiple emojis on your social media posts, they are likely to get more audience engagement. They make your content look more fun and creative.
  5. Sometimes emojis can say what we canโ€™t. Emojis help users to interact with others without exceeding the character limit. It helps us to give more information without using words.
  6. Emoji Copy Paste tool is completely free to use and wonโ€™t ask you for any registration charges as well.

Why use Emoji Copy Paste?

Billions of emojis are exchanged every day on multiple social media platforms. They are being used in everyday informal communication. Emojis are dominating everywhere right now. Usage of such emojis in different marketing strategies, and businesses has also risen in the past couple of years.

Text is not enough to engage with the audience on a larger scale. With emojis, you can communicate with even those customers who donโ€™t speak the native language. It can bridge that communication gap within seconds.

With the help of Emoji Copy Paste, users can now easily copy all their favorite emojis at once. They can copy/paste single or multiple emojis from our website. It can be used in different text messages, birthday wishes, Christmas wishes, greetings SMS, and many more. It allows them to select the emoji of their choice from the 8 categories given on the toolโ€™s main page. People love using Emoji Copy Paste website mainly because they can get all emojis at one place.

Types of Emojis:

Emoji Copy Paste has divided the emojis into 8 different categories. This has made navigation even more convenient for the users. There is a search bar given on the top of the website. It takes just a few seconds to find your desired emojis.

Here are the types of emojis you can find on Emoji Copy Paste:

Smileys & People

In this category, you can find Emojis for smileys, people, families, different hand gestures, clothings, makeup, and accessories.

Animals & Nature

In Animals and Mature sections, you can find Emojis for various animals, flowers, trees, Moon, Sun, Stars, and weathers.

Food & Drink

Here you will find Emojis for fruits, vegetable, meat, meals, ice creams, beverages, and eating utensils.


In Activity section, you can find Emojis for Sports, music, arts, hobbies, and many other activities.

Travel & Places

In Travel and Places category, you can find Emojis for various landscapes, scenic views, locations, buildings, and modes of transportation like Airplane, parachute, etc.


In Objects category, you can find Emojis for tools, celebrations, household items, electronic gadgets, stationary, and others.


In Symbols category, you can find different Heart Emojis, Heart on Fire Emoji, arrows, directions, sound instruments, warning signs, and shapes.


In flags category, flags of different countries are present. Emojis for flags are available for all major operating systems and devices, except for Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs:

You should know that some emojis are not supported by all operating systems. Different devices and browsers display different emoji designs. The exact appearance of an emoji totally depends on the operating system your device is using at the moment.

Yes! The service of Emoji Copy Paste tool is 100% free to utilize for everyone. It wonโ€™t ask you for a single penny when you are copying/pasting your favorite emojis from this website.

Copying emojis from this website is extremely simple. Just enter the name or keyword of the emoji you wish to copy. A variety of related options will be given to you. Click on the ones you like and press the โ€œCopyโ€™ button. Your emojis will immediately get copied to your deviceโ€™s clipboard.

Absolutely yes! This is one of the most prominent features of our website. Just enter the names or keywords of all your favorite emojis in the emoji search box. Your selected emojis will keep on adding to the textbox down below. You can then click on the โ€œCopyโ€ icon to copy all of them at once.

Yes, you can use the emojis that you have copied on any social media platform. You can use them on sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Tumblr, TikTok, and many more. All of these platforms show different emoji designs. However, WhatsApp uses the same emoji design for all Android and IOS devices.


Emoji Copy Paste is an online tool that works on the basic copy-paste principle. Users come to this website to find their favorite emojis, select them, copy them, and pastes them on their required web resources. You can easily copy multiple emojis at once. All the emojis are impressively categorized and listed on the main page. You can also change the emoji size and type according to your requirements.

This website will enable you to add fun and funky emojis to your Twitter, Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, TikTok, Snapchat, and Tumblr accounts.