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Privacy Policy

We, as an emoji publishing company, are concerned with your privacy and are committed to protecting it as per the law in the respective case. The utilization of our services would directly mean that you are implying our terms of use and other safe practices to be performed while staying online.

1)What personal information is gathered by us?

When your online presence is detected on our website, a number of the following information is gathered by us as per our terms of use and services. The kind of information used are, 

Personal: Information that may enable us to detect your identity including, email, phone number user ID, etc is collected by us.

Interests: Your interests concern us too, to have a deeper insight into your personality we ought to keep a check on your likes and dislikes online.

Credentials: Your credentials are tracked by us like passwords, and password hints to get access to your account. 

Marketing information: To advertise our website, we keep an eye on your marketing preference. It’s just that you will see only what you want to. 

2)User Input Data

The data that is generated by you is under our supervision. This data includes the profile that you set up on our website, the audio and the pictures, etc. When you willingly give away personal information, the public and the website authority will automatically be able to sway on it.

3)Automatic collection of data

The data that has been automatically collected by the website includes

Device information

The information includes your internet protocol, bundle id, and device data (manufacture, model, handset number, etc). We may also be able to collect the phone number through which you may connect with us.

Log data

The data you enter to get access to your account online is accessed by us. The services on your website that you may use are all recorded by the website. The information is used for the purposes that we have already narrated in the privacy policy, i-e for advertisement purposes. 


Emojicopypaste uses cookies and various other forms of technologies to get your information. These cookies are an essential part of our website run so anyone who has complied with the use of services and term must also have provided permission you access the information in the form of cookies. 

5)Why do we use the information? 

Your personal information is used to get the following motives,

  • To enhance your experience over our website 
  • To provide you services and to familiarize you with our interface
  • To send you various types of alerts 
  • To manage your registration data on our website 
  • To get your information to the third party

6)Where do we share the information?

The information is shared with, 

  • Professional advisors to look into the detail and formulate a strategy for the business. 
  • The third-party service distributors 
  • Protection from fraud or any threat 
  • Data partners and colleagues