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How To Use Secret Emojis On TikTok 

secret emojis on TikTok

Tiktok has a whole set of secret emojis that you might not even know about!

Get ready to get mind-blown because today, we will share with you a Tiktok Trick that your friends don’t know about. The mainstream social media platform Tiktok is insanely popular. We see people posting videos on it daily. While others just watch them and comment on their views. Many people are using ‘Tiktok Emojis” “stickers’, and “emoticons’ in the comment sections to express their feelings. They are usually well-known as “secret emojis” or “hidden emojis”.

Such emojis can’t be found easily on Tiktok. They are not present in our regular emoji library. The only way you can access these fun and exciting Tiktok emoji is to know their codes. There are over 46 secret Tiktok Emojis, and here’s how you can get them:

How to access Hidden Emojis on Tiktok?

The first thing that might come to your head after hearing “Secret Tiktok Emojis” is the trouble to access them. No need to worry because accessing these hidden emojis on Tiktok is a piece of cake. All you need is to know their code names. You can attract your audience by using these emojis under your Tiktok posts. They give a bright and fresh impression.

Anyone who knows the Hidden Emojis codes can access them. We’ll show how you can get them for yourself:

  1. Choose any Emoji you want from the list.
  2. Copy its shortcode
  3. Paste the shortcode anywhere you want on Tiktok (e.g: comment or caption)
  4. The shortcode will turn into your secret emoji immediately!

Examples of Secret Tiktok Emojis:

secret emojis on tiktok

There are a total of 46 secret Emojis on Tiktok. They are hidden from regular users. You can only access them with their shortcode. If you don’t know any of them, sit back and check out the list of “Secret Tiktok Emoji” Codes.

We have mentioned the most popular TitTok secret emoji copy and paste today!

Happy Emoji 😊:

The happy Tiktok Emoji on Tiktok is quite similar to the basic smile emoji. This one has a peach-colored face with a wider mouth and squinted eyes. You can use this emoji to express your excitement or happiness about a Tiktok.

Shortcode : [Happy]

Angry Emoji 😠:

The red-faced emoji indicates emotions of anger, madness, and strong displeasure. This angry face emoji is generally used by Tiktokers when they see negative posts. You can comment on this emoji under posts that are unethical or inappropriate.

Shortcode: [angry]

Smile Emoji ☺️:

The Smile Emoji of Tiktok is a small, round-faced, pink emoji. It is used to display emotions of happiness, positivity, and appreciation. Use Smile Emoji for Tiktok posts that bring you joy, or to show love.

Shortcode: [smile]

Cry Emoji 😢:

The Cry Emoji on Tiktok is probably the saddest emoji you will see. Tiktok has many videos that make us sad and brings out our vulnerable side. If you are feeling blue and want to tell your followers, add Cry Emoji. The blue-faced crying emoji has tears streaming out the face. People use it to express extreme sadness or sorrow.

Shortcode: [cry]

Surprised Emoji 😮:

Your favorite Tiktokers just revealed a big secret? Let them know your emotions by adding the “Surprised Emoji”. This emoji is generally used to show utter shock or surprise. People use it on Tiktok when they see something that makes their jaw drop. This emoji indicates the feeling of being amazed too.

Shortcode: [surprised]

Embarrassed Emoji 🫣:

This Embarrassed Emoji is perfect for situations that make you feel awkward. This emoji is very popular among Gen-Z. They use this emoji on Tiktok when they see something “cringe”, or “embarrassing”. The teal-faced emoji has a sweat drop that indicates being flustered. Next time you see something weird or awkward, add the Embarrassed emoji. This will let the content creator know your feelings about their Tiktok.

Shortcode: [embarrassed]


Tiktok is one of the biggest video-streaming platforms on the planet right now. Millions of users access it every day to watch and share short video clips. But, what most people don’t know is that Tiktok is filled with secret emojis and emoji codes. So, if you get tired of using those basic emojis on your phone, try these out instead.

You cannot get these special emojis on your smartphone or laptop. You have to know about their codes to access them. We have added all the popular code names in this article. You can just copy and paste these secret Tiktok Emojis easily!

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