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Everything You Want To Know About GIFs 

everything about gifs

Gif stands for (Graphic interchange format). There was a time when GIFs became a language. In the early days of the web. Nowadays Gifs are frequently used for funny statements or jokes. Gifs are considered one of the forms of an image. The difference between them is that Gifs have animation or whereas images didn’t. 

Gifs are invented by steve white the leader of the company CompuServe. Which is passed last march. It was the early days of the internet when Gifs were released. It took the world by storm. In the 80s 90s and early 20s till 2007. Gifs are a regular part communication box of 90% of people. Early it is launched in a wide range of 256 colors. It is a very less place-containing format. 

old gifs

This is also one of the famous Gif of the 90s used to define newton’s law. 

Interesting Things About Gifs:

There are the following interesting and fun creating things about Gifs:

1. Is An Animated Gif a Video? 

This is also utter chaos. That is a gif video or image. Gif is much shorter than the video. Because a gif always has something playing. So that’s why the majority of people think. That gif is a video. But the reality is not the same a gif is not a video or not an image. Actually, a  Gif is the central format of a video and image. It’s a bitmap whereas images and videos are JPG and MP4.

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2. Amazing Evolution of Gifs

In the early 90s Gifs had some unique animation. It has transparency in the background. This is the reason it is most likely used in GFX content. When the next century begins Gifs also begin evolving. This is the time when more blinking, glittering, or colored Gif wallpaper came in. 

old gifs

At the moment mostly clips from movies, songs, and Tv shows. Used for Gifs. People usually use gifs for funny purposes nowadays. Like a meme. 

3. Pronunciation Debate 

Since Gifs is launched, there has been a debate ongoing over its pronunciation. Some people said it will be called Gif with “hard g”. Like a gift without the g” Graphic. On another hand, some pronounced it with the soft g “Giraffics”. Still, this war is ongoing and doesn’t have any resolution. Its creator doesn’t choose one side. He said to call Which one you like. 

4. Culture of Gif 

Giphy is the one site that plays an integral part in its success. In the early 20s when gifs are enjoying their peak. Giphy is the one reason for a boost of gif culture. Giphy makes it very easy to create a gif online. This is a brilliant evolution of how a 30-year-old gif evolved. Gif culture has seen a rise and fall. Recently it was a time when GIF culture faced a severe drop. It was about to end. Because nowadays Gif wallpapers are overshadowed by emojis and stickers. 

history of gifs

5. GIFs Today’s 

In 2022 Gifs also came to the scene. This time gifs are usually part of every conversation. It is mostly used as a fun thing. There are bulky fun facts Gifs circling on the internet. Gifs are also used for advertising and entertainment sources on the web. Gifs are the fast way to communicate on the go. Without any irritating sound. That is the reason it is very engaging. Now Gifs have more color and more sharp images. In today’s world, it is like a meme. Even the young generation didn’t know that this was a GIF. They thought this is also a meme. But in reality, an image is JPG or a GIF is a bitmap. 

gifs history

6. Future Of GIFs:

It is said by web experts. Maybe this would be the last decade of Gifs. The only thing which gives hope for GIF’s survival is fun. Because in these times GIFs are 90℅ used as a fun gesture. There are lots of other options available that overshadow GIFs. Like emojis are the one thing that replaced GIFs. 

There was a time when people loved to share GIFs to express some emotion or feeling.  But for now, the scene has changed. Everybody has lots of stickers and emojis on their keyboard. Which is far better than GIFs sharing. That’s why it is assumed that GIFs may be finished. By the end of this decade. 


In this article, we’ll see the rise and fall of GIFs. See the things that we didn’t know early or listen to. And what the world thought next about GIFs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GIF an MP4 file? 

No, A gif isn’t an MP4 file it is a bitmap format file.

2. Is it easy to create a new GIF? 

Yes, creating a gif is a very easy process. 

3. What are Gifs useful for? 

Gifs are very useful in communication.

4. What size is good for a gif? 

480×480 is the best size for a gif. 

5. Who invented the Gif? 

American computer engineer Stephen white invented the Gif. 

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