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What’s New on World Emoji Day 2021?

world emoji day 2021

World Emoji Day is celebrated every year on July 17. And basically, it is the day for an unofficial celebration and to promote the use of emojis which formed in 2017. These emojis are digital smileys, characters, expressions, or now even objects used to convey feelings with digital communication. Logograms, pictograms, smileys, and ideograms are alternative names for emojis. 

At the start of the digital world, people used a collection of numbers, alphabets, and symbols available on their computer or mobile’s small keyboard. They show their feelings by using these symbols, alphabets, and numbers while communicating with people online. In 1982, 🙂 this symbol is proposed by computer scientist Scott Fahlmamn. And then a Japanese programmer created emoticons in 1999 so that people could get heart-shaped emojis. 

And in the 2010s, it started to grow and become popular in the whole world. After which, other international brands like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google started making their own version of emoticons. However, Unicode 6.0 is one of the largest releases of emojis. Including 994 characters, it contained emojis of hearts, country, clothes, families, animals, clocks, cities, and food images.

More on Emojis Day

This day every time has intersecting announcements, news, and sometimes activities or events, but that is not all. There is much happening on Emojis Day 2021 that is a completely entertaining distraction on social media platforms with new emojis 2021.

The cheerful side of this day is not normally addressed in detail here. But if you are curious about what happens on this Day 2021 then just search the #WorldEmojiDay hashtag on wherever social media medium you want to.

World Emoji Day Activities

Have an emoji-only conversation:

new emojis 2021

You can challenge your emoticon knowledge by sending an emoji-filled text to your best friend. Having an emoji conversation with your bestie will tell you how well you can understand one another using these lovely icons. 

Create your own emojis:

There are many new online tools that you can use to turn your favorite images into shareable emoticons. Yes, you can change your favorite image of your cat or dog into an emoticon.

Wear your favorite emoji:

You can also celebrate Emoji Day by wearing a customized emoji-filled shirt. You can check Amazon for a few ideas and then you can wear your favorite emoji. This is how your favorite emoticon can become your new favorite shirt.

Why We Love Emoji Day?

They help us when words fail us:

Emoticon helps us to understand something more certainly visually when things can get lost in translation through words. In this digital era, emojis help people to communicate faster and better. We can accept that emojis are cute and kind of habitual but they do a great purpose. Emojis enhance our capability to communicate virtually with others and make our planned meaning be understood. When you have no words to describe emotions, you can use emojis.

They’ve become a new universal language:

Language arrives in a lot of forms and visual symbols language is the most unique type of language. Emoticons are different in that they are visual representation that helps to improve our written language. They can substitute words or whole phrases and still be understood. 

We love getting “emoji”-tional:

Emojis are actually designed to express emotions with pictures. Similar to punctuations, they convey feelings via humor or irony and even point to the tone of voice or body language in text-mode communication. 

Emojis activate emotional responses in people, which can force us to be more understanding. Primarily, as we become better at determining our feelings, we also become good at perceiving others’ emotions. 

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