emojis September 24, 2022

New Emojis In IOS 15.4 Changelog 

new IOS emoji changelog

37 New Emojis of different skin tone combinations (other than yellow face) have been added to the latest IOS 15.4 update. The new update rolled out to iPhone users this week, and it brought some exciting features for them, like the ‘mask-friendly Face ID”, “A gender-neutral sound for Siri”, “Universal Control feature”, and most importantly “37 latest emojis”.

Like the Unicode we got last year, the updated emoji library had some exciting emojis like 7 new smileys and some other emojis. The IOS 15.4 Emoji Changelog has many new gestures, for example, “the two hands joining together to form the shape of a heart”. This one was particularly appreciated by K-pop fans across the world.

Some other notable variations of emojis that have been added to IOS 15.4 are the “Pregnant person” emoji, the “saluting face” emoji, and multiple multi-racial handshakes for users to choose from. Plus, now users can select the skin tone variation of their choice for most of the “Yellow’ emojis on their iPhones/iPads.

In today’s post, we have listed down below all the new exciting emojis that have been added to IOS 15.4.

IOS 15.4 New Emojis:

Here is the list of all the new emojis that you can find in your Apple IOS upgrade:

1. New Smileys: 

new smileys 2022

The updated IOS 15.4 contains over 7 new smileys, which include the famous “Melting Face’ 

emoji, “Neutral face’ emoji, and “Face without Mouth” emoji. The “Face with Open Eyes and Hands over Mouth” in the new IOS 15.4 is the exact same design as used in the previous update. Before the update, this emoji was meant to indicate feelings of disbelief or shock. But, in the updated version, the design clearly shows expressions of amusement.

You should know that the “Face with open Eyes or Face with Hand Over Mouth’ emojis aren’t entirely new. They have been added before to the emoji library by other brand devices. However, Apple has made a consistent addition of the emoji to their emoji changelog this year. The major difference you’ll find is that Apple uses more of a “shock’ emotion, while other devices use this emoji to express embarrassment. IOS 15.4 updated the “Face with Hand Over Mouth” emoji with elements like smiling eyes, face, and blushing cheeks.

2. Body Parts, People, and Fantasy Creatures 

pregnant man emoji

Recently, a trend came forward to provide users with three different gender options for emojis. Keeping that in mind, the IOS 15.4 update rolled out two gender-neutral person emojis in their emoji library.

This update also includes the “Pregnant Man Emoji”, “ Lip Biting Emoji’, and the“Troll Fantasy Creature” emoji.

3. Handshakes and Gestures: 

new gesture emojis 2022 update

Different gestures and handshakes have become one of the most popular sets of emojis this year, and for a good reason too. The IOS 15.4 update came with 7 brand new hand gestures emojis. Users can change the skin tone of their handshakes or gestures emojis, from light to middle to darker skin tones.

4. Animals & Nature, Food & Drink, etc. 

Some of the other latest emojis that iPhone users got to see in this year’s IOS 15.4 Emoji Changelog are from various categories like Food & Drink, Animals & Nature, Objects, Symbols, and others. They have added 18 brand new emojis in these categories, that come in new designs and colors.

How does Apple Add new Emojis to IOS?

This latest update of Emojis to IOS 15.4 has been long-awaited by iPhone users. But, have you ever wondered how Apple adds new emojis to its IOS devices?

Well, you may be unaware of this, but the addition of new emojis to any platform needs to be approved by some external organization beforehand. This Emoji Changelog on IOS 15.4 was approved by “Unicode Consortium” in September before it was released on our devices. All these emojis can now be used by anyone who has IOS 15.4 feature on their Apple phones.

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