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Interesting Facts About Stickers

interesting facts about stickers

National Sticker day is just around the corner and we are excited!

With the rising popularity of these character-based animations, a separate day is dedicated to celebrating them. In 2016, National Sticker Day was declared an unofficial holiday, in honor of the late R Staton Avery.

Of course, we all used stickers in our childhood. The colorful labels that we used to decorate our rooms and toys bring us great nostalgia. Kids still have huge collections of stickers. They usually vary in size, shape, and color. But, today, we will talk about the stickers we use in the modern era.

You can copy/paste the stickers on our website. People use them on all social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. In fact, WhatsApp has introduced the long-awaited stickers feature in its newest update.

Interesting Facts: 

We did a survey on online stickers and we discovered some fascinating facts about them. Do you want to know them? Here you go!

They are not the same as “GIFs”:

Some users ask if GIF images and stickers are different. Yes, they both are different from one another. GIFs are animations that are available on social media platforms in GIF format. Unlike emojis, the stickers we normally see are illustrations. They can either be “character-driven”, or based on some animations. You can custom-make these stickers using a variety of apps from your PlayStore. Some even come with packages that make it easier for users to create funny stickers.

ice-cream sticker

Stickers and Labels are different:

Distinguishing between stickers and labels is very difficult to the point where people start thinking they are the same thing. But no, stickers and labels are different from one another. Stickers are a special kind of label but not all labels are considered stickers. The purpose of stickers is to express thoughts in advertisements and are more often used for decoration. These two terms are so similar that the majority begins to believe that they are interchangeable.

There is a special day only to celebrate Stickers

Just when we thought stickers couldn’t get more popular, the world got introduced to National Sticker Day. Yes, a whole day to celebrate the creation of bright and exciting stickers. On 13th January every year, National Sticker Day is celebrated in memory of Ray Stanton Avery. He was the man who created the adhesive label stickers that have removable backing.

You can celebrate National Sticker Day by collecting good old-fashioned labels from a stationary store. You can even hold a “sticker-themed party” at your house. Invite all your friends and ask them to bring their favorite stickers along. You can dress up as meme stickers and have a humorous night. Or you can just honor it by downloading some funny stickers from online apps.

funny sticker

You have to download Stickers

Unlike Emojis, you need to download Stickers on apps. Emojis are generally hardcoded into social media sites but this isn’t the case for stickers. You will only find a couple of stickers that are already available on apps. They get boring and repetitive at times.

You can now create unique and funny stickers on your own. The process is very simple. You just need to download them using a third-party app. Apps like, Stickify, and WA Sticker Maker are specially designed for this purpose. You can download entire sticker packs from these apps. You can customize your stickers using your personal pictures from your smartphone too.

All Sticker Packs are not free:

We hate to break it to you but not all stickers you want to download will be free. Some third-party apps like allow you to download the stickers for free. But, many other apps on your Google Play Store will cost you charges. They don’t sell their sticker packs for free. You see, stickers these days are extremely popular and they are BIG money too.

However, the ones you find on WhatsApp and Instagram, etc. are generally free for everyone. Only special sticker packs are not free.


Where can I get WhatsApp stickers from?

WhatsApp has an in-built sticker feature. You can just download them directly from the app. They are available on the typing bar of your app. Here’s how you can get stickers from WhatsApp: 
Open the chat of the person you wanna send the stickers to. 
Now, tap the emoji panel, then go to stickers, and hit add option. 
Click the “download” icon right next to the stickers pack.
You will see a green mark after the downloading gets completed. 
You can now send these stickers to anyone on WhatsApp. They will be saved in your sticker pack. 

Why are stickers used?

Custom-made stickers are something people have been using in online conversations for ages. They are used to express your emotions to the receiver. They can communicate our feelings in a unique way. People consider stickers to be humorous and use them for a good laugh. They work in a similar way to emojis. You can create customized stickers on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

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