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Emoji Are Everywhere Including Hollywood Movies

Emoji Hollywood Movies

In these past years, emojis have attained the universal attention of people from different parts of the world. It originated in japan. In 1999, the Japanese mobile launched the emoji keyboard for the first time in history.

People across the world regardless of caste and creed are obsessed with the use of emojis.

Surprisingly, Hollywood is also obsessed with emojis. Emoji are now used in emoji Hollywood movies. Sometimes it is used for advertisements for different purposes. The most common use of emojis we see is in digital marketing.

Obsession with Emoji Hollywood Movies

Experts believe that emojis are a strong communication source. It will connect people from different countries. 

Hollywood launched “The Emoji Movie”

A famous writer and director “Tony Leondis” directed a movie based on emojis. In an interview, he states that he, as a storyteller, always struggles to recite a story that will engage or connect with people. His famous movie is ” The Emoji Movie.”

This emoji Hollywood movie is entirely based on friendship. It was an animated film running on a smartphone. It will very well explain the concept of how a true friend helps you to pass the hardship of life, and all this will be explained with the help of emojis. This movie also has some sexual activity. Mel and Mary kiss themselves during this movie. Many other applications like Facebook, Spotify, cloud, YouTube, and Instagram are also played during different movie scenes.

Hollywood launched a show called “The Late Late Show.”

It’s a late-night American show. Hosted by James Corden. It’s a comedy show. Its name is “Late Late Show” because of its transmission timing as a late-night show. This show was first broadcast in January 1995 on CBS. This show has a special segment called “Emoji News”. This has recapped headlines by using emojis to amaze people and create a comedic effect.

Twitter Movie Emoji

Twitter also activated emoji hashtags, partnering with different TV webs or with movie studios. When the Star Wars picture was broadcasted at that time, Twitter automatically added emojis when someone tweeted the name of the star war picture by using a hashtag.

The same is the case with the “Rogue One” picture; it will also appear as a rogue one Twitter emoji when someone tweets this name with a hashtag on Twitter.

Some famous hashtag used was #Deathstar, #StarWars, and #RogueOne.

There are a lot of fans on Twitter who love to watch movies. Twitter molds its strategies to attract more people by using emojis. Twitter Emojis based on movies will help to engage more audiences daily. People add more hashtags because they are happy with the new trending hashtags on Twitter. They have almost generated and worked on over 50 emojis that are specially customized for movies or films. Some famous Twitter movie emojis were:

  • The Force Awakens.
  • Bad Moms
  • Suicide squad

#JokerWasHere is the hashtag for the suicide squad, and it attracts almost more than 1 million tweets on Twitter under this hashtag within the short span of two months.

Upcoming Project

Now we are seeing emojis everywhere. Sony Pictures Animation, in their recent report, announced that they are working on a new project to bring emoji characters onto the big screen. Although this report doesn’t contain any information related to emoji characters used or content. This film will be directed by Leondis Serving. Co-written by Anthony Leondis and Eric Siegel. And is produced by Sir Silver Linings Playbook.

This report on Sony picture animation created many questions in the mind of the audience as well as in the mind of other directors of Hollywood. But no one right now can answer them and everyone is waiting for the integration date of this emoji-based movie like emoji Hollywood movies.


Emoji are a widespread source of fun in communication. Experts think that emojis in every show or any segment caused an unusual attraction and a fun theme that will attract the audience. Apps, software, and different operating systems like Apple and iOS trying to make more different content or try to launch new emojis due to their demand in the online market. This pictographic language will connect the world in a short time and help in transferring complete messages either by using a Smartphone, a different App, or even through Hollywood.

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