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Global Emoji Use Reaches New Heights

Global Emoji Use Reaches New Heights

In recent years, global emoji use rates have doubled. The last ten-year stats are higher than all the previous years. These stats came out on the recent July 17 world emoji day. In 2022 more than 114 new emoji trends were generated. Around 5 billion emojis a day are used only on Facebook messenger alone. June and July of 2022 have had shaken stats. Usage of this two month is a much higher rate than previous. As shown in the g graph. Have a clear indication of how fast this trend is increasing. The graph shows a tremendous difference between the years 2014 and 22.

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How are Emoji Created? 

An Emoji word is a shorter form of an emoticon. Created by computer scientist Scott Fahlman. Scott also created text symbols 😉 to replace language. Later the idea turns into the result of emojis. Emoji is a Japanese word. In Japan, a picture is called Moji. Because emoji is an electronic message, it turns out to be an E-message “emoji”. This is the word emoji originated. 

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History Of Emojis: 

In 1999 Japanese designer Shigetaka Kurita developed 176 emojis. And the highest number of emojis created in a year. In the beginning, emojis were used in Japan. Lots of Japanese companies add to their phone keyboards. Later smartphone developers started working. How they introduced their own sets of emojis. In the beginning, big names didn’t take it seriously. But later when the step was taken by Google. Other providers like Apple, and Samsung show some interest. After this addition emojis became a rage. Now it took the world by storm. 

Why Do We Love Emojis? 

Why Do We Love Emojis? 

Seeing real human expression activates the exact feeling in our mind. We connect more to it as real. In contrast, the text didn’t make that sense. The human mind is all about satisfaction. Seeing facial emojis makes us understand easily. What the sender wanted to say and we got there quickly.

On the other hand, emojis create an emotional state of mind. Makes our communication healthy and clear. Another reason, usually we do fun chatting on social platforms. So expressing faces adds more value to it. In short, our minds understand other people easily, and that is the reason we love emojis, the most frequently used global emoji in the last year. 

New Language 

Recent research indicates that apart from youngsters. Old-age people also love to share emojis. 80℅ young generation in Uk used emojis to communicate. Whereas 40℅ youngsters just talked in emojis. Considering their vast usage. The expert said gonna sure it’ll be the next language. Similarly In Spain 95 public use emoticons in communication. Wide usage of emojis is a sign of that acting world. When there is no web, or smartphone to communicate.

People do talk in sign. Those ancient signs are used as emojis already. Emoji has another conquest. It was called word of the year back in 2015. None less achievement. Psychologist Dr. Viv Eans said: ” face with tear emoji 😂” is a visual treat. Which can describe many emotions.

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No doubt, anyone can use emojis as a whole replacement for terms. Back in 2015, an organization published a report. Indicates the way of communication becomes shorter. In case, of more usage of emojis. 

Getting Emoji-on?

Well, emojis are created to symbology express feelings. Various studies state grey emojis have negative impacts. Receivers perceive or assume the same state of mind. Can cause a mental disturbance. As opposed to formal casualties, it makes it easy to communicate. Like complaining, saying, no, or sorry, etc. The overall use of emojis hasn’t had that bad effects. 

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Nothing shocking, it’s true emojis are going to be the next language worldwide. Seeing their widespread usage around the globe. People also love to share emojis that’s why global emoji use reaches new heights. As it is a more compelling source of expression and understanding than a text-based message. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs 

1. How do emojis affect communication? 

As discussed earlier, emojis help to understand the sender’s tone, facial expression, and gestures. So it is very effective.

2. Total how many emojis characters are there? 

According to the 2022 report, there are a total of 3,663.

3. How are emojis useful? 

It is very useful to say something that you can’t say face to face. Useful to save time and make the conversation much shorter. 

4. How often do people use emojis? 

By google 92℅ of people online use emojis.

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