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Fun Facts About GIF Images You Probably Don’t Know

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Even if you find it hard to pronounce the word “GIF”, you may have already seen it hundreds of times before. The GEN-Z is particularly fond of using GIF images in their daily conversations. Nowadays, they are defining modern communication and we love it! But, what are funny GIFs and where can you find them?

A GIF is an image file that shows movement. GIFs aren’t necessarily videos. They are just compressed images that look like flipbooks. As you have probably noticed, GIFs don’t have sound. It’s because the GIF format doesn’t support audio. Initially, the GIF format wasn’t created with intention of making animations. Today, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about GIF images that will add so much to your knowledge!

Why do people use GIFs?

Earlier we talked about using Emojis. GIFs are quite similar to emojis. They are also used to express feelings and communicate thoughts to the other person. GIFs are generally used while having online conversations. They have become an essential part of digital communication. You will see people adding GIFs to their daily conversations. Just pick a GIF image that you think suits your situation the most. Then, press it and it will be sent in seconds.

The best part is that you don’t have to download them prior. Social media sites like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. already have them. These platforms pair up with GIF-hosting websites. You can even create the GIFs of your choice. The latest devices have an in-built GIF maker option on their keyboards. So, they are the new way of expressing feelings and emotions to your friends instead of typing them out.

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5 Fun Facts about GIF Images that you need to know!

Gifs are very useful when it comes to creating memes and jokes. They are extremely popular in the meme industry. You can find GIFs on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here are some Fun Facts about funny GIFs Images that you probably don’t know! 

They are simple to create:

If you thought that these GIF images were difficult to create, you are wrong. They are extremely easy to create. You only need to follow a few steps to make your favorite GIFs. You won’t have to change your images to a new format. Just convert them into GIF format and enjoy.

You can simply create any GIF image with GIF-making websites. There are plenty of apps and websites available on the internet that can help you with this. Most photo-editing and video-merging tools on your mobile can do this task too. They have an in-built feature for creating GIFs. We suggest sites like Gyfcat and Imgur for creating daily funny GIFs.

They are now more popular than stickers:

We all know the popularity of stickers on social media sites. Whatsapp is particular and is considered incomplete without stickers. But did you know that GIFs aren’t that behind too now? Well, according to a recent survey, it was discovered that millions of GIFs are sent by users daily. People who don’t like using the already present Gifs, they create their own. Sites like GIPHY, and Imgur have made this job very simple. Just make your favorite Gifs and send them to your loved ones. Now, they are just as popular as stickers and emojis.

GIFs don’t work on all browsers:

All browsers are different and not all of them support GIFs. Users have complained numerous times that when they try to send GIFs on certain browsers, they don’t open. This can mean that the browser simply doesn’t support GIF format. Next time you see GIFs not opening on your browser, try updating it. Chances are there isn’t any fault with the animations but your browser is outdated. 

However, this rarely happens now. Today, most browsers people use support GIF animations. 

funny gifs

You have been pronouncing “GIFs” all wrong:

There has always been a big debate on the pronunciation of the word “GIF”. Some users call it “GIF”, while others pronounce it “Jiff”. We will tell you the correct way of saying this word. In 2013, the creator of GIF, Wihite won a Lifetime achievement award. During his speech, the artist cleared the pronunciation of GIF and it left the world shocked. In his speech, Wihite quoted “IT’S PRONOUNCED “JIF”, AND NOT “GIF”.

You can create GIF images with apps

Are you bored of using the same old GIFs every day/ Want to channel your inner artist and create your own funny GIFs for fun? You can now do that with multiple apps from your Play Store, or Apple App Store. You will find plenty of creative apps to make GIF images in no time.

Personally, I love to use GIF Maker and GIPHY CAM to create gifs on my smartphone. These apps are compatible with both Android and IOS systems. They are the best way for starting a good laugh among friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers.

So, what’s the hold? Create your own fun GIFs and send them now!

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