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Fun Facts About Emojis – Funny Emojis

true fun facts about emojis

Emojis are the best way to convey feelings by using simple symbols. It will give you a chance to make your communication more attractive and inspiring for the reader. These colorful symbols not only save you time by expressing your feelings but also help to fully describe your feelings or perception related to a situation. People around the world are addicted to the use of social media. It is actually the source of fun facts about emojis.

Some Detailed Fun Facts about emojis

The use of emojis is always fun, it will describe the feeling of the author by using one or more than one symbol. Let’s discuss some fun facts related to emojis in common life:

World’s fastest growing language:

The use of emojis in daily life increased shortly, especially when in 2011 Apple introduced the emoji keyboard to iOS. Due to its demand and use now it’s considered to be the fastest-growing language in today’s world.

Apple introduces emoji:

Apple introduced emoji and in 2011 launched an official emoji keyboard on their iOS.

You can send 3472222 emojis in one second:

Messenger and Facebook are the main platforms where over 5 billion people use emojis daily.  

Emoji added to the dictionary:

It is an amazing fact that emojis are computed in the Oxford English dictionary. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, emoji is defined as a “small digital icon used to express an idea”

Origin of emoji:

The origin of the emoji and who invented the first emoji is the most controversial question. Hieroglyphics was contended to be the first emoji, it was created by Egyptians. But now in today’s world Japanese are considered to be the ones who invented the first emoji. Soft and Japan launched a phone in 1997 containing 90 different emoji characters.


Word emoji stands for:

It consists of two words “E” and “Moji”.E means picture. Moji stands for character 

The total number of emojis:

They are updated every year. The Unicode official library is responsible for updating emojis. According to the survey, it came to be known that till march 2019 there officially exist 3019 emojis. Some new emojis based on Hindu temples, diving masks, gender-inclusive couples, hearts e.t.c introduced later.

A special day:

World emoji day is a global celebration day. It is celebrated all over the world in different ways to show fun facts about emojis i.e by releasing movies or by wearing emoji costumes. This day is celebrated on July 17 of every year.

Original emoji set:

In 2016, the Museum of Modern Art located in New York collected original emoji sets for their collection.

White House report:

It was so astonishing that recently White House published a financial summary embodied with emoji.

The most used emoji of 2018:

” Face with tears of joy 😂” was the most used emoji of 2018. However, red heart ❤️ and heart eye smiles 😍 and thinking faces 🤔emoji are also equally famous.

Emojis were used during the American election:

Peoemojisse emojis to express their feelings. During the American election in 2016 people used emojis more as compared to positive emojis. 28.9 percent were negative emojis used by people during the election tenure in America.

Use in professional communication:

More than 50 percent of recruiters are addicted to using emojis in communication in today’s world.

Bonus fact:

Users or authors have a massive library of emojis. Wherever they are, they can easily find excess to large variety of emoji over a single click.

Emoji of friendship:

An emoji exists which is related to a japan’s woman. This is the emoji of two women having black bunny ears and it’s famous as the friendship 👭 emoji.

Emoji Tracker:

Do you want to know how many people send emojis daily through Twitter? The emoji tracker is the answer. It will describe real-time visualization of an experiment.

Emoji is now turning into tattoos:

As the popularity of emoji increases, day by day people starts making tattoos of emojis on their bodies. The sad cat emoji got viral and Miley Cyrus featured this inside of her lower lip.

Documentary on emoji:

A less than two mint short documentary on emojis was also published by dissolve.com.

Fun facts about emojis in Selfies:

Many websites change selfies into emojis. People love to create their emojis by using their selfies. Some will transform your selfie into custom emoji.

Emoji are now everywhere:

Every social media platform like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and messenger support emoji keyboard. Now emoji keyboards can also be added to android devices if you want.

Emojis and festivals:

Many emojis are related to different festivals like the Christmas tree 🎄. People use this emoji more in December, Despite of this cake 🎂  and pizza 🍕 are also widely used during birthday month or in case of treats.

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