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Facts About Your Favorite Smileys

facts about smileys

I think we can all agree that emojis have become an essential part of digital communication. Emojis fill the void in dry conversations. They add a human essence to our texts and lighten up the mood. One of the most frequently used emojis is “Smileys” 😀.

Our daily messages are incomplete without favorite face emojis. They are a huge part of our social media platforms. We have plenty of symbol emojis in our emoji library. All of them have deep meanings. Some indicate feelings of joy, while others represent confusion and distress. We all know how a sweet kissy face emoji can lighten up our mood instantly. 

Did you know that over 92% of online users are fond of using emojis? Emojis are super popular and they are here to stay for sure. Here are some of the most Amazing facts we discovered about your favorite smileys and emojis. So, sit back and enjoy!

Facts about your Favorite Smileys 😀:

All of these facts are proof of how much people adore using emojis. Here are some interesting facts about 😀 for you!


1. Over 5 Billion Emojis are used daily:

As of 2022, approximately 5 Billion Emojis are used on social media platforms. There are 3,300 emojis in our emoji library. Each one of them has different meanings, shapes, and sizes. People owning all sorts of operating systems and devices use them in their daily conversations. They are most frequently used on Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger.

2. Emojis are supported by all social media platforms:

Initially, we didn’t see Emojis on all social media platforms. But with the increase in their popularity, every app has made them compatible. You can use Emojis and symbols on just about every app that is downloaded on your device. Android devices show complete emojis. But if you use the web versions of these social media platforms on your laptop or desktop, you might see small boxes instead of emojis. Twitter web version contains many tiny boxes filling up your feed.

3. Apple (IOS) is credited for Smiley’s emoji popularity:

In 1999, a Japanese designer named Shigetaka Kurita designed her first emoji. It was introduced mainly for cellphones but people ignored it. This was until Apple released IOS 6 in 2012 and emojis gained popularity. Apple users embraced their emoji keyboard with open arms. They began using emojis in their daily texts and on social media platforms. Funny emojis were seen in their messages. Later, emojis use was a regular thing on social media sites like Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

4. Add Skin Tone Combinations of your choice:

Another fun fact about Smileys is that you can change their skin tone. In the recent update of Whatsapp, many new variations were added. New shapes and colored emojis made the list. Now, most of us can’t even remember a time when different Skin Tone Combinations in emojis were not available. In 2015, WhatsApp announced its new update of the “skin tone selection” feature for emojis. However, there are still some emojis that aren’t compatible with this feature. 

5. Secret Tiktok Emojis are available now:

TikTok now has its own set of emojis. Tiktok lovers use a large variety of ‘Emojis” “stickers’, and “emoticons’ under content to express their thoughts. These emojis are generally called “secret emojis” or “hidden emojis” by TikTok. They are a little different from the basic emojis we see every day. Tiktok emojis can only be accessed with their codes. You need to know their respective shortcodes to add them to your text. There are 46 Secret Tiktok Emojis like angry, happy, smile, surprised, etc.

6. Emojis for Holidays:

Do you know what the most popular emoji is in October and November? Can you guess the holiday that comes in these months? Halloween! The skull emoji was seen everywhere around that time of the year in 2021. Different emojis including Birthday Cake Emoji, Gift Box Emoji 🎁, and Shopping Bag Emoji are popular for sending Birthday wishes.

7. Emojis now have reference websites: 

Words have Wikipedia and emojis have sites like Emojicopypaste.net. Online users just open our websites to copy/paste their favorite ones from there. Such sites have all official emojis for different platforms. 

8. The Most Popular Emoji in the world is “Tears of Joy”: 

In 2015, the “Tears of Joy” emoji was declared the most widely used emoji in the world. It broke the record when it was sent the highest number of times on social media. 

9. 17 July is World Emoji Day:

Do you know why “World Emoji Day” is celebrated on 17th July every year? It is because of the “Clander Emoji”. The emoji shows “17 JULY” on it. 

10. Emojis were introduced in the 90s: 

Emojis aren’t a new invention. In fact, these colorful emojis made their first debut in the 90s. 

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