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New Facebook Emojis 14.0 Changelog

Facebook emojis update

New Facebook Emojis appear for online users of the Facebook Android app, Messenger for Android, and the Facebook website. Emojis make the content feel even more genuine and help online users to engage with you on a more emotional level. This Facebook update came swiftly after a measly Twemoji 13.1.1 update. 

Beginning rollout on 2022-04-20, this update to the Facebook new emoji 2022 copy and paste set had support for all ideogrammatic icons from Emoji 14.0. This update also introduced the likes of 🥹 Face Holding Back Tears, 🫶 Heart Hands, and 🫠 Melting Face emojis. As well as updating the existing 💉 Syringe emoji and 🤭 Face with Hand Over Mouth smiley design.


These all emojis are introduced for users of Meta Facebook and Messenger platforms. And within the next weeks or months, they will be available for all other social properties of meta including Whatsapp and Instagram.

In this new Facebook Emojis 14.0 update, there are 137 new icons have been launched. 107 icons come from the recommendation list of 2021’s Emoji 14.0 Such as 🤝 Handshake, 🫡 Saluting Face, and 🫦 Biting Lip. And the remaining 30 icons are from the late recommendation list of 2019’s Emoji 12.1.

People Holding Hands Character in New Update

Today’s update of emoji includes a selection of different 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 People Holding Hands characters. Especially, those that featured skin tones on the left of the emoji design. Below are some of the new 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 People Holding Hands characters:


Face with Hand Over Mouth on Emoji Vendors

The 🤭 Face with Hand Over Mouth had historically displayed with a content expression in the new emoji update of Facebook and Apple’s iOS 15.4 update. This icon now has a focused expression all over the emoji vendors. You can see this icon on different platforms in the given table:


Brand New Hand Gesture icons

The update also launched seven new hand gestures to the emoji set of Meta Facebook. These include Rightwards Hand, Leftward Hand, Palm Down Hand, Palm Up Hand, Hand with index finger and thumb crossed, Index pointing at the viewer, and Heart Hands. 

🫱Rightwards Hand🫲Leftward Hand🫳Palm Down Hand🫴Palm Up Hand
🫰Hand with index finger and thumb crossed🫵Index pointing at the viewer🫶Heart Hands

New Emojis to People Catagory

🫄 Pregnant Person, 🫃 Pregnant Man, and the gender-neutral 🫅 Person with Crown are also added to the people category in this new update.


New Additions to Emoji Categories,

At last, this new Facebook Emojis 14.0 had a few new additions to the 🍔 Food & Drink 💡 Object, 🐻 Animals & Nature, and 🔣 Symbol emoji categories. If you are curious to know about which new emojis are launched then see the given table. You can easily get the information as well as emojis from the given table. 

🪸Coral🪷Lotus🪹Empty Nest🪺Nest with Eggs
🫘Beans🫗Pouring Liquid🛝Jar🫙Playground Slide
🛞Wheel🛟Ring Buoy🪬Hamsa🪩Mirror Ball
🪫Low Battery🩼Crutch🩻X-Ray🫧Bubbles
🪪Identification Card🟰Heavy Equals Sign


In this article, we have discussed the Facebook new emoji copy paste update of Meta Facebook and Messenger. There are about 137 new icons that are launched in this new 14.0 emoji update. We have listed them in the above section so that you can easily find them. We hope you find this post useful. So share it with your buddies who are fond of new icons!!!

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