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What Is The Difference Between Emojis And Emoticons?

emojis vs emoticons

You Know what an emoji is, but what about an emoticon? What do you think they were the same? Here is something essential to tell you about the difference between emojis and emoticons.

In the 21st century, people started talking to each other with new communication methods via emoticons, emojis, and smileys. People have used both of them in their daily conversation even if they were not aware of the terms. Many people think that there is no difference between emoticons and emojis. In a real sense, both are very different from each other.

Are Emoji and Emoticon the Same Thing?

They are not the same things. People get confused in both because they both are used to make the conversation more interesting. The difference between them is very simple: emojis are yellow smileys while emoticons are combinations of symbols like punctuation marks and letters. Keep reading to get more information about their difference. 

what is the difference between emojis and emoticons?

What Is an Emoticon?

An emoticon combines different letters, numbers, and punctuation marks arranged to make a human face. Every emoticon is used to denote a certain emotion. For example, :-O is for surprise, 😀 means laughing or a big grin, and <3 is the closest you get to a heart.

Dr.Scott E. Fahlman was a computer scientist at CMU who suggested that all the jokes messages board be marked with the “:-)” set of characters. While you can also send a different set of characters like  “:-(“ for all serious posts. When they spread around the internet, then these combinations of symbols became known as emoticon icons and just emoticons. Below is the table of different emoticons:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(^▽^)(ᗒᗊᗕ)⊂( ・ ̫・)⊃(─‿─)
( •˓◞•̀ )(* >ω<)(⊙ꇴ⊙)(⌐■_■)( ▀ 益 ▀ )
<(`^´)>(ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)(꒪⌓꒪)~( ´•︵•` )~╭(°ロ°”)╯
(( ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ))(^_-)(/_\)( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)ʕ•͡-•ʔ

What is an Emoji?

Emojis are pictograms and small round pictures showing anything from a smiling yellow face. Every year, new emojis are launched for emoji lovers. The word emoji is derived from the Japanese word e- “picture,” and moji – “character, letter.”

There are thousands of emojis that have corresponding codes in Unicode. Unicode is a computing industry standard for encoding. Different social media apps read the code and then show you an emoji that matches it. Different software can have different graphics and this is the reason why iPhone emojis appear differently from others. Below is a table of different emojis that you can use in your daily conversation:



In this post, we have discussed the difference between emoticons and emojis. There is a simple difference between them but many people get confused. You can clearly see the difference between them in their tables. We have uploaded the tables of emojis and emoticons so that you can easily be distinguished between them. We hope that after reading this article you can tell how emojis differ from emoticons.

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