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An Ultimate Guide On Digital Stickers

digital stickers

Looking for a quick guide on digital stickers? And it brought to our blog post. Well, you are actually at the right place. Because in this article, we are going to explain everything about stickers that you should know. These are a type of art that come in a variety of styles and shapes. Nevertheless, these are a tool to express emotions and communicate with others. Let’s start to get to know about them!

What are Digital Stickers?

These stickers are animated PNG images that you can insert into your digital files. They are just like physical stickers that help people to convey their tone more naturally. Stickers often come with text captions or sticker sheets, individual PNG files, or as sticker books. They are used to make your conversation more convenient and funny.

Where to find digital cute stickers

If you are new to the stickers world and you have never used them before, you will definitely want to try them for free. Because it is good to not spend money on stuff you never use before. Once you know what kind of stickers you want, you can dins them on blog planners and Etsy. 

How to use these Stickers?

When it comes to using stickers, they are pretty versatile. You can use them in messages and can also be used in other areas of digital communication. Below are the most common three ways where you can use them:

  1. In Profile:

This is especially available on platforms with anonymous profiles. On such platforms, users can choose a sticker avatar for their display image.

  1. In Videos

You can also use them on such kind of platforms that has video features. For example, live streaming apps, allow their users to send stickers during their live streaming as a reaction to their viewers.

  1. In Chats, Messages, Or Comments

Stickers are also available on platforms that have communication features like collaboration tools, social networks, messenger, etc.

Stickers Format

They are either animated images or still images. And the sticker format changes according to the type of sticker image. For example, animated sticker images come in GIF files and the still sticker images generally come in PNG files. Stickers can be published as a group of images or as a singular image.

Stickers basically come in three formats and they are given below:

  • Individual PNG files
  • PNG sticker sheets
  • Pre-cropped stickers 


Digital stickers are fun to use and make your conversation more interesting. They are different in shapes and styles and you can freely use them wherever you want to. We hope after reading this blog post you can understand what are they, where you can find them,  and how to use them. If you find this information useful then share it with your friends!

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