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Interesting Facts About Emojis

interesting emoji facts 2022

Emojis are used to express feelings that can be positive in most cases. Neutral and negative excitements are sometimes also expressed by emojis. But the thing we observed in users, they use emojis when they have to express positive messages or feelings.

What emojis are?

An emoji is a small cartoon character, free of the restraints of punctuation, letters, and numbers. Emojis are different from an emoticon. A smiley face on your keyboard that has a character then it’s not emoji, that is an emoticon.

Emoji are becoming increasingly famous in the transmission of messages. They not only have distinct semantic and emotional characteristics, but they are also almost connected to law, health care, marketing, and a variety of other fields. Emoji and their use have become a hot topic in today’s world and a mandatory factor in daily life communication through messages.

Facts About Emojis:

Emojis are frequently consumed in communication and online communication. Online communications are a system-dependent platform for the use of emojis. Sometimes due to optical characteristics, emojis face emotional ambiguity during communication. Uses of emojis can be different and often associated with psychological differences. People use emojis to analyze the connection between user behavior and attitude traits. Furthermore, emojis are used in marketing activities to increase interaction and encourage consumers to purchase.


Some famous emoji Facts:

  • In 1999, the first emoji was generated.
  • Shigetaka  Kurita, who created emojis. This emoji was for cell phones and pagers.
  • Apple developed a special keyboard, emoji keyboard for iOS. This special keyboard was officially launched in 2011.
  • In 2013, android launched its emoji keyboard version.
  • According to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015, emoji was the most widely used or famous word of the year.
  • If you are relating to more than one emoji use emojis rather than emojis.
  • New emojis are now added every year. 
  • Unicode Consortium approves. 
  • According to research, almost 5 billion emojis are used daily by people on Facebook.
  • Anyone can recommend a request for the addition of a new emoji. But firstly one has to give a detailed report on why it is important and what’s the logic to adding this emoji. 
  • The most common food emoji used in today’s world are pizza and cake.
  • Have a wide range of same-sex couple emojis.
  • Have multiple skin color emojis.
  • In 2019, there will be almost 230 new emojis.
  • On 17 July everywhere in the world people celebrate world emoji day.

Quick Facts:

  • 18 bytes of data, taken up by emoji.
  • Till September 2020, there are 3,521 emoji characters.
  • First, large-scale emoji was published in 2017.
  • Twitter posts include 50℅ emojis.

Essential Facts:

  • Have a specific symbol for representing ideas.
  • Used in line. 
  • Plural forms are either emojis or emojis.
  • Took motivation from weather pictograms.
  • Unique character for every single emoji. 
  •  Official Unicode name for each emoji.
  • The appearance depends on the device that displays emojis.
  • Have different categories such as symbols, weather, and facial expression.

Interesting Facts:

  • The origin of emojis is in Japan.
  • Can be searched through Wikipedia’s search bar.
  • Japan has its geographical silhouette, which is in an official emoji.
  • In a single year, Facebook users send 5 billion emojis during digital communication.
  • Instagram users use emojis in half of their chats and comments. 

The most widely used Emojis:

Face with tears of joy emoji 😂 is still the most widely used tear. In fact, it’s the most ranked emoji on Twitter in 2020.

After face with tear emoji 😂 most, commonly and popularly used emojis are red ❤️ and pleading face 🥺.

Peach emoji🍑

Only 7℅ people know the actual meaning of this emoji and know its name as peach emoji. It’s the most controversial emoji. Many people guessed its meaning as a non-fruit meaning as buttocks. Buttocks resemblance is usually given due to the human bottom.

Thumb Up emoji👍

The thumb Up emoji is a normal emoji. It is used for affirmation or approval of anything. In some parts of the world, this is also translated as the Up yours emoji.


Emoji language is not a normal language, it is a language of expression and feelings. Use all around the world, for activities, animals, and for various objects. Widely famous in the world of messaging and social media.

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