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10 Amazing Emoji Facts 2022

facts about emojis

Do you use Emojis daily? If yes, then you’re in luck because today, we will tell you some exciting facts about emojis that not a lot of people know about.

The Emojis we use in our daily texts have rich meanings. We use them to communicate our feelings and sentiments to the receiver of our text. We did a survey to find out how many people use emojis. It turns out that the majority of employees at our company frequently use emojis. And allows them to feel closer to their colleagues. It tends to strengthen their bond. 

Many emojis have double meanings. Some of them are old, while others have recently been added to the emoji library. 

After reading these amazing emoji facts 2022, you’ll realize that there’s a lot you didn’t know. We did our research and found a list for you!

Facts about Emojis: 

Here are the 10 Most Amazing emoji facts 2022 that we recently discovered:


1. The Word ‘Emoji” translates to “Picture Character”

The word “Emoji” has been derived from the Japanese Language. And consists of two words “e” and moji”. The term “e” translates to “picture’. “Moji” means “character. So, the emoji’s literal meaning is picture character.

2. There are more than 3000+ Emojis:

According to the recent update of Unicode’s official emoji library, there are over 3000+ emojis today. In 2019, almost 230 emoji got approved and added to the list. New shapes like circles and squares were introduced to the IOS users. More emojis like hearts emoji, diving masks, flamingos, and hands were also added. Gender-inclusive couple emojis were also made a part of the emoji library by Apple in 2018.

3. World Emoji Day:

We all know the importance of Emojis in our digital world. But, did you know that we have a separate day dedicated to Emojis? Yes! ‘World Emoji Day” is celebrated on July 7th each year. This unofficial holiday is meant for the celebration of emojis around the world. Many emoji events and promotions are done on this day.

4. “Face with Tears Emoji” Is the most popular emoji

There are many popular emojis that people love using every day. But none of them can beat the classic “Face with Tears Emoji”. From 2018-2022, this emoji secured number one place as the most frequently used emoji. People use the Face with Tears Emoji on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It displays hysterical laughter and a feeling of happiness.

5. Emojis are the Fastest Growing Language:

We have several languages being used in the world. One of them is “Emoji Language”. Don’t know what that means? Well, in 2018, Emojis were unanimously named the “World’s fastest-growing language”. The use of Emojis has rapidly increased in the past couple of years. Many experts call Emojis a “language” because of their ability to communicate emotions. People can just add emojis to their plain texts and the receiver will understand their mood.

6. Change the Skin-Tone of your favorite Emojis:

In the earlier days, all emojis were yellow or yellow-faced. But, now you can change the skin combination of your favorite emojis. For example, WhatsApp recently launched an update for Android users. It introduced over 200 emoji combinations of different skin tones (brown, black, yellow, fair, etc.) This feature is added for the first time ever. You will find more than 240 emoji variations in WhatsApp Plenty of “Couple Emojis” of combination skin tones was added to WhatsApp in their recent update. This feature is perfect for those who want to choose emojis of different skin tones. 

7. Men and Women use Emojis in different contexts:

This is another interesting fact about emojis that many of you might not notice. In our survey, we realized that men and women use the same emojis, but in different contexts. Women may use the “crying face emoji’ to express their excitement. The majority of men use it to show their grief. We even found out that 11% of women use joyful emojis. And, 35% of men use such emojis that display fear.

8. In 2016, Negative Emojis were the most-used

Brandwatch did a survey on the use of emojis recently. They found out that the largest number of negative emojis (angry face emoji, middle-finger emoji, cussing emoji, etc.) were used during the 2016’s American election. The use of these negative emojis grew by 29% at that time. 

9. Over 340,000 emojis are sent on Messenger every second: 

We all know how popular emojis are nowadays. But you’ll be shocked that over 34,000 emojis are sent on the Messenger app per second! 

10. Most important fact: 

This is a bonus fact for our respectable users. To help you access emojis easier, we have made a comprehensive library of emojis within our website. You can simply copy/paste these emojis and use them on any social media platform you like. 

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