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Why Are Emojis Yellow In Colour?

emojis yellow color

Emojis in daily chat, give a refreshing look. We widely use emojis countless times in our daily online communication. It will express our sentiments or perceptions related to a specific situation. But have you ever noticed, the emojis we used during online communication are mostly yellow, But why?

Why Are Smileys yellow?

In 1963, the yellow smiley was created in Worcester, Massachusetts, graphic maker Harvey Ball was approached by State Mutual Life Assurance Company to create a confidence booster for employees.

Let’s discuss some facts on the mode in which emojis have been given yellow color.

  • The yellow color matches the human skin tone. It is possible to symbolize human identity. It’s the basic reason why emojis are yellow.
  • Sometimes when we smile our face turns yellow like it’s blushing ☺️, and that’s why their smileys or emojis also have a yellow color.
  • Yellow is the color of happiness and joy 😄. It symbolizes enjoyment.
  • Yellow color is the most sociable color and is visible due to brightness, that’s why these yellow smileys show favorable feelings.

It’s all about encoding

Yellow color emojis do not belong to different skin tones. It’s all about encoding. OG is yellow, so yellow is becoming the default. There is nothing new in having yellow emojis because if you look at the past you will find that many characters like Simpsons, lego people, Pikachu, and square pants are all made of bananas in yellow colors. You can call it a color of animation due to its brightness and attraction.

Yellow emojis signify ethnicity

Studies show that yellow emojis used on social media platforms are written by white people. Almost 56℅ saw it correlated to symbolize white identity. 63% is the figure for white ethnicity.

  • Darker and lighter tone emojis indicated the sender’s ethnicity. A darker tone caused the black and white readers to select black authors 80℅ times.
  • Lighter-toned emojis indicate that 80% of readers choose white authors.
  • Have not found readers with messages with no emojis
  • But somehow 50% choose black or 50% choose white authors.

Researchers tells that yellow emojis are usually correlated with white ethnicity.

Yellow emojis represent Asian people

Many people around the world thought that emojis are yellow because they represent Asian people. Asian people have yellow skin but it’s not the actual reason for emojis to come in yellow.

According to the Huffington Post, Unicode determines the shape and description of each emoji, but it does not determine how emojis are displayed on specific devices.  Even though Unicode’s charts are usually in black and white, one‘s report about emojis made clear what they thought the different skin tones should work.

The skin tone scale used by emojis is the Fitzpatrick scale, it’s a well-known dermatologist research instrument or scale. This Fitzpatrick scale has 6 types. Now, due to some addition of new emoji, it will reduce the type from 6 to 5. The Fitzpatrick scale shows different types on the bases of skin tone, color, darker, and brighter textures of emojis.

Neutral symbol of identity 

Emoji never show one complexion, you can modify them by holding down the emoji, and you will see an option to select your desired skin tone color. This idea makes the emoji neutral and everyone can select their desired look emoji.

Although the generic images use dark hair tones. People all over the world have black or dark brown hair so it is further natural.

Skin-toned emoji

According to the latest research, approximately 500 people of which half are from black identity and ha half from white identity take part. When they showed their texts or messages it was demonstrated that some of the messages contain yellow emojis and other messages have darker to lighter skin-tone emojis. Then through this study, we came to know that people use emojis according to their personality and identity. Sometimes people use emojis according to the personality of the receiver who is going to receive their messages.

That’s all there is to it. But, well, at least we understand that nobody at any of the firms that make devices and software with emojis claims Asians have brilliant yellow complexion, right?

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