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Top Emoji Trends Of 2022! 

top new emojis 2022

Do you know the most popular Emoji trends of 2022? What are the most popular emojis this year? We have all the details for you! The use of emojis in our text has become a playful way to express our emotions and feelings to the receiver. These funky cool emojis play a vital role in how we communicate online, and with our recent research on such emojis, we know exactly when and why they are being used in 2022.

You should remember that every Emoji has a strong meaning behind it. They are considered to be a vital source of interaction among friends, family, and colleagues. So, if someone is not sitting right next to you, then the most convenient way of expressing your feelings is to use emojis. Some people say that they can’t even imagine their texts without emojis. According to social media users, Emojis add meaning and color to their content. According to a recent survey, it was proven that emojis give “life” to an online conversation.

Nowadays, using emojis in different contexts is a new trend. We see them being used everywhere, be it in advertisements, on t-shirts, shoes, accessories, etc. We all know that saying that a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, but trust me, these emojis aren’t any less too. These emojis will add clarity to the context and tone of the conversation, and also makes it more fun! 

For today’s post, we have made a list of the Top new Emojis used in 2022, and here’s everything you need to know about them! 

Top New Emoji of 2022!

new emojis 2022

Has the ranking of the top emojis changed since 2021? Of course! This year, these exciting emojis have been used the most on social media platforms.

Face with tears of Joy  😂 :

The “Face with Tears of Joy” Emoji has made it to the top of the list of the most-used Emojis of 2022. We all know the ongoing battle between the two famous emojis. Some users love using this emoji to express their happiness and joy. You’ll be surprised to know that this emoji got swiped off from the top last year in 2021, but the Gen-Z Tiktokers have brought back this emoji to first place again. You might hear people saying that using the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji makes you outdated, but we have seen plenty of laughing emojis across social media sites this year.

Crying Face Emoji 😭:

This Crying Face Emoji has lost its place at the first position in 2022 and has made it to the second spot. You know what they say, context matters a ton.

You may have been this emoji being thrown around in conversation more than ever this year. Many use this emoji to express their grief but even more, users are sending this crying face emoji to share positivity. Ironic, isn’t it?

Red Heart Emoji ❤️:

Since 2021, the classic Red Heart Emoji has moved up one place and now has made it to the third position in the list of Top Emoji trends of 2022. Receivers used this emoji as a symbol of spreading love and gratitude. Today, many brands are using this emoji to show appreciation and thank their followers for their support.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji 🤣 :

The “Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji “ has remained in 4th place since 2021. Users send this emoji when someone says something really dumb or absurd.

Fire Emoji 🔥 :

The Fire Emoji has been seen a lot in use lately and has finally made its spot at number 5 this year. This emoji delivers the meaning of “feeling on top”, or “doing really well. Emoji fans love sending the heated fire emoji to announce their achievements or congratulate someone on their epic success.

Heart-eyed Emoji  😍 :

The “Smiling Face with Heart-eyes” Emoji has successfully made its way into the Top Emoji Trends of 2022. This classic emoji with heart-shaped eyes enthusiastically conveys the message of love, admiration, and infatuation for the receiver. The majority of social media users use this emoji to let others know their current obsession with something, like a song, hobby, etc.

Pleading Face Emoji 🥺:

This Yellow face with pleading puppy-dog eyes is enough to melt a grown man. The trending “Pleading Face Emoji’ has several uses and we all interpret its meaning differently. Some people like to use this emoji to express their concern or worry about something, while others use it to display their adoration or support.

Smiling Face with hearts 🥰:

The latest emoji of a Smiling face with hearts is currently trending in 2022. People frequently use this emoji to express feelings of love, sentiment, and affection. This year, this emoji has stepped up one place and is now in the 8th position. You can add the Smiling Face with Hearts emoji in your conversation to add some human element to dry online texts.

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