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Combinations For the Suspicious Faces 🤨😒🤔

suspicious faces

Welcome Emoji Lovers!

Emoji language has evolved much over recent years. Many new emojis got added to the emoji library of your smartphones this year. One of the latest emojis that people love using these days is the “Raised Eyebrows Emoji 🤨”. Do you know what it means?

If you think that Eyebrows are used only to protect our eyes, then you are definitely wrong. They are used to show emotions and facial expressions. They can uniquely display our feelings. Humans express their emotions through their body language and facial movement. Eyebrows are an effective way to communicate our feelings to the receiver. Luckily, we have “Raised Eyebrow Emoji” to highlight feelings of concern, question, and suspicion.


When was Raised Eyebrow Emoji introduced?

This emoji got approved by Unicode 10.0 in 2017. Later, it was added to the Emoji Library. Now, you can find this emoji in your ‘Smileys” category. This emoji represents concern, query, or conflict of opinion.

Different Combinations for the Suspicious Face:

The yellow-face yellow with furrowed eyebrows is available on all operating systems, as of 2022. It is a very popular emoji, used by millions of emoji lovers every day. Many people enjoy using the 🤨 with some other suspicious face emojis. Such combinations of emojis make your text more effective and powerful. You can use the following emojis as a combination with 🤨.

Face Without Mouth Emoji 😶

Did you know that people use “Face without Mouth Emoji’ to show suspicion? Well, this emoji was developed as a symbol of emptiness, concern, and curiosity. The eyebrows on this emoji are not raised, but we still get the indication of suspicion from it. Social media users add Face Without Mouth Emoji to describe emotions like betrayal, concern, and frustration. Send this emoji with 🤨 to express your strong feelings.

Neutral Face Emoji 😐

Neutral Face Emoji is generally used to portray emptiness, disappointment, and defeat. If you see this emoji in a post, you can assume that they are either disappointed or shocked. This yellow-faced emoji has a straight line on the mouth area that depicts betrayal. Adding a lifting Eyebrows Emoji and Neutral Face Emoji as a combination indicates that the person is extremely disappointed or hurt by your views. Sometimes it also means that someone knows they are being lied to.  

Thinking Face Emoji 🤔

The “Thinking Face Emoji” means that someone is unsure about a situation or question. If someone asks you a question, you can add a Thinking Face Emoji to let them know that you are unsure. This emoji is mainly used to show feelings of doubt and hesitation. Thinking a Face emoji goes very well with the 🤨. It depicts that you don’t believe someone’s narrative and need time to think about it.

Question Mark Emoji ❓

The classic “Question Mark Emoji’ is added to the context when someone is doubtful about a situation. It implies feelings of strong doubt, confusion, and suspicion. The Red Question Mark emoji can be used with 🤨 to emphasize the significance of learning about the true information. People add these emojis together to imply the necessity of answering the previous question properly.

“Tea” Emoji Combination ☕

The Gen-Z particularly enjoy using these two emojis together. Do your friends ever send you “Tea”, and “Lifting Eyebrows Emoji’ together? Do you also wonder what it could mean? Let me tell you the exact meaning of this combination.

The “Teacup” emoji combined with 🤨 emoji indicates ‘Gossip”. The term tea is used to represent gossip or juicy information about something. Add these emojis in your texts to let others know that you want all the gossip they have.

Why do we use Raised Eyebrows Emoji?

Emojis have a special way of communicating our thoughts to the receiver. They make digital communication more effective and fun. People from all across the globe use variety of emojis nowadays. It is considered a way of expressing emotions of joy, sadness, surprise, excitement, suspicion, and more.

One of the emojis that best highlight human emotions are the famous “🤨 Emoji”. It is most frequently used by meme pages. The yellow-faced emoji with furrowed eyes are inspired by the famous Hollywood actor “The Rock’. His real name is Dwayne Johnson.

It displays numerous human emotions like skepticism, doubtfulness, disagreement, and curiosity. Add this emoji in your text to express your disagreement or concern about a matter. You can copy and paste Raised Eyebrows Emojis to your posts, tweets, and messages.

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