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Can You Identify The Bollywood Movies That Describe In Emojis?

It’s not wrong to say that we are living in the era of digital communication. Texts and messages are the most important and prominent practice of digital communication in today’s world. The use of emojis is not more than a fun fact, the author, as well as the reader, enjoy a conversation because this colorful photographic language makes their chat attractive. They enjoy digital communication without getting bored. It will amaze you that many smiley and people will help you to guess movie names. Let’s discuss some Bollywood movies that one can describe through emojis.

1. 🤘 ⭐

This film was directed by Imtiaz Ali. Ranbir Kapoor was the main caste. Can you guess this movie? If yes, then in fact you are a genius. Yes, this emoji will tell you about one of the most famous Bollywood movies, “Rockstar“. It’s so easy to guess this movie because this shows 🤘 a rocking gesture, whereas ⭐ will simply indicate its meaning. 

2. ❤️💗✌

Directed by Zoya Akhtar. Anil Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra performed the main leading role in this movie.

“Dil Dhadakne Do” It’s another amazing Bollywood movie. Do you guess the name or not? Red heart ❤️ is simply the symbol of dill and pink vocational heart 💗 indicates the word “dharakny” and two fingers ✌️ means do. It’s so amazing to clue this in, it will take time to find a movie name but it’s fun to guess the movie.

3. 🌙😱✌️🇨🇳 

The story of this movie was written by Rajat Arora and Shridhar Raghavan. Produced by Rohan Sippy, Ramesh Sippy, and Mukesh Talreja. Akshat Kumar and Deepika Padukone performed the main role. “Chandni chowk to china”.

Hope so you have to find the right answer because it’s a tricky movie to find. But nothing is impossible so let’s check the emoji again how it completely tells the name of the movie.

4. 🏡💐 

Directed by Sajid khan. It was written by Anvita Dutt. Screenplay by Milap Zaveri, said khan, and by Vibha Singh. The first emoji indicate house and if you change flowers into Urdu it gives you the sound of full which will give a clue about the movie’s name. “Housefull”.

5. 🙏🏼🇬🇧

It was a Malayalam romantic movie. Directed by R.Ajay in 2007. Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra was the main role in this movie. 🙏🏼 indicated the word namaste and then the flag 🇬🇧 of London represents the word London. How wonderful is this to find the name of the movie from emojis? “Namastey London”.

6. 1⃣👉🐯

Shanoo Sharma was the casting director of this movie. It was directed by Kabir khan and launched in 2012. It will give the name of the most famous and interesting movie by sultan khan. Have you guessed the name or not if not then let me tell you  it’s the most famous movie “Ek Tha tiger”

7. 🚶🚶

Shah Rukh Khan was the shining star of this movie, he nailed his role as a hero. This movie was launched in 2013 and directed by Aziz Mirza. This is so so easy as indicated by the emoji, two men are walking it simply indicates walking two times as “Chalty Chalty”. Such an amazing movie hope that after solving this clue you are going to watch this movie.

8. 🔥 🌶️

This movie was directed by Proyadarshan and its dialogue was by Neeraj Vora. This movie was released in 2015. Oh, it’s such a hot type name as fire and got pepper are both used as a clue. Can you guess? It’s “Garam Masla”. It’s a funny and romantic movie which is full of fun.

9. 🤵‍♂️🇮🇳

This movie was directed by Shekhar Kapur in 1987. This movie was based on a gentleman name Mr.Arun Verma. Anil Kapoor Marked the role of Arun Verma and wins the heart of the audience. Gentleman and a flag, it’s focused on these two. Have you got some clue? If yes then definitely you are a genius man. Now let me solve this it’s a “Mr. India movie”. One of the most amazing movies in Bollywood.

10. ⏰😴👱

This movie is directed by Ayan Mukerji. The main heroes of the movie ranbir Kapoor, konkana Sen Sharma Anupam, Kashmera Shah and her Supriya Pathak Rahul Khana. It’s tricky to find the name of this movie but not impossible. Let’s solve the clue and match it with the given answer and see the results. Are you able to match and take out the name of the movie from these emojis? It is the incredible movie “wake up sid” by Karan Johar.

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