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Are Emoticons Better Than Emojis?

are emoticons better than emojis?

The digital system and the internet have significantly changed how we communicate. Inventors have created alternative ways to pass on their non-verbal meaning. They created two trendy symbol languages that can help you to express your exact feelings to others. These symbols languages are emojis and emoticons. So today we will discuss what are emoticons and emojis and then we will discuss whether are emoticons better than emojis.

What Do People Think About Emoticons Better Than Emojis?

Generally, people love to use emojis more than emoticons. Because emojis are colorful symbols and that’s why they are everywhere these days. Emojis are of yellow color face with eyes and mouth. These pictograms can certainly substitute for words or even whole phrases. 

People like to use them because they are looks like the human face and actual representation of human face rection. While emoticons are combinations of characters. Many people also like to use emoticons rather than using emojis but a great online audience prefers to use emojis than an emoticon. Emoticons are colorless and meant to be read sideways.

difference between emojis and emoticons
Emojis are pictograms that are used to convey a message.Emoticons mimic human emotions in text form with punctuations, characters, and numbers.
They are basically used to represent concepts, or ideas without using any words.They normally use different marks, letters, and symbols to represent a human expression.
It represents an image instead of text.It is a combination of two words e.g; emotion and icon.
These can be anything from an image of a whimsical ghost to an image of a common object.These are generally faces representing human expression.

Emoji VS Emoticons

Emojis are the latest development in the pictorial representation of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They are the actual representation of how we feel or what we are thinking. You can use a cake emoji while sending a birthday wish. They are so pretty simple and easy to understand. 

While emoticons have much more nuance. These are one of the easiest and best ways to express emotion or intentions while online chatting. These are combinations of characters like colons, dashes, exclamation points, and parentheses. They are meant to be read sideways.

difference between emojis and emoticons

How can you tell if it is an emoticon or an emoji?

You can easily distinguish them. If you see a burger, gun, or yellow face without any letters, numbers, or punctuation then it is an emoji. While if you come across a sad or happy face that is typed onto the keyboard, it is an emoticon.

Summary and Takeaways

Emojis are the alternative to words that may be more straightforward for people to respond to. People prefer emojis then emoticons because they don’t need to be translated. 

In this blog post, we have discussed the difference between emoticons and emojis as well as what people think about which of them is better. We hope after reading this article, you can easily able to distinguish between them.

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